Supporting your plans...

The comprehensive view of success.

Only partners can co-operate successfully

We are your competent partner for the optimization, modification or expansion of your business. We support you when undertaking innovative projects, restructuring or entering new markets. Together with you we work to identify the potential improvement and find ways to reduce costs and increase profits.

We offer skilled, tailor-made consulting and training services at reasonable prices. Our staffs have relevant experience in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry as well as for the financing of innovations.

Optimization means to create the basis for increasing the efficiency of existing processes without changing the associated organization. This can be done by implementing innovative information and communication systems, such as for a more effective knowledge management. If your plans can be national or international funded, we shall be happy supporting you with our profound experience in all aspects of applying for national and international research funding. Our performance for the funding consultation includes assistance in developing the project concept, the integration of powerful partners, writing the project application and implementation of the overall project management.

If you think about modification, we will support you by providing means of transforming the operational and organizational structure. During the process of such restructuring, we will assist you by providing examples of processes and define the needed capacity. Furthermore, we will be glad to analyze the so called “best practices” in a form of company benchmarking, adapt them for your business and assist you during the implementation process.

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