Training courses for European research programmes and structural funds

Building up competence for successful fundraising and efficient implementation, management, and use of EU funds.

7th Framework Programme

InfoConsult specialises in EU-funded R&D projects and offers a complete portfolio of courses to assist you during all stages of your project's life cycle.

Writing a competitive proposal

This course explains how proposals are developed in the light of your research strategy, how consortia are formed and how to identify the appropriate 'Call for proposals'.

It also provides you with background information on the 7th Framework Programme, its funding schemes, its rules for participation and the evaluation procedure for proposals.

Negotiating Grant Agreements

Once a project has been selected for funding, the precise project definition, including financial and administrative aspects, has to be negotiated with the European Commission. Course participants will learn about the negotiation procedure, key issues and risks, and the required documentation.

This course also explains how to set up the necessary Consortium Agreement and how to face the potential challenges in implementing it.

Coordinating EU-funded R&D projects

Coordinating a European R&D project is a demanding task that requires a specific set of skills and appropriate experience. This course explains how an EU-funded R&D project really works, covering both the formal aspects (e.g. contractual issues and reporting) and the practicalities of coordinating a Europe-wide project (e.g. smooth intercultural communication).

Complying with financial rules in FP7

This course addresses the financial rules and practices in the 7th Framework Programme, including eligible costs, interest earned on advance payments, payment terms, penalties, subcontracting and tax issues.

Planning dissemination and exploitation

Two fundamental principles of EU-funded R&D projects are the accessibility of the results to the public (dissemination) and the use of the knowledge obtained (exploitation). This module explains how to develop effective dissemination and exploitation strategies whilst ensuring that intellectual property rights are respected, and how to develop innovative products and services.

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