European project management services

Increasing the efficiency of project coordination and management.

Managing a European project requires a set of skills that are not always available at the lead partner. Full knowledge of programme rules, efficient handling of spreadsheets and complex budgets, facilitating smooth intercultural communication, problem-solving and mediation, networking and content-control, as well as softer skills, are necessary to ensure successful completion of work plans and the EU contract.

There are many seemingly minor organisational and coordination tasks involved in managing such projects and these require dedicated staff and short response times. The project coordinator is often more interested in focusing on scientific and cooperation activities rather than on administrative tasks.

InfoConsult has more than 20 years of management experience in research programmes and the structural funds. Our team has proficiency in five languages and access to efficient networks, and operates from our Brussels office. Some European-funded programmes make provision within their financial guidelines for subcontracts for project management or for the involvement of specialised companies as partners.

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