European project management services

Increasing the efficiency of project coordination and management.

Dissemination services

InfoConsult has wide experience of planning, organising and implementing dissemination activities for European cooperation projects. In addition to project management services, InfoConsult supports project coordinators in the dissemination of their projects and of the results obtained.

Our dissemination services include:

With more than 20 years of experience in the management of European cooperation projects, InfoConsult offers a complete portfolio of services to accompany you during all stages of your projectís life cycle. InfoConsult supports you in the preparation and submission of successful proposals.

Our services include negotiation assistance and all daily management tasks, starting at the kick-off meeting and right through until the submission of your final report and exploitation of the results.

InfoConsult has an impressive track record in the current and in former Framework Programmes of the European Commission as well as in regional cooperation programmes such as Interreg. We have developed a set of high-quality project management services to support you in day-to-day management activities, thus allowing you to stay focused on the content of the project.

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