European project proposal services

Transforming your idea into a promising project.

Developing your idea

Good preparation is essential for writing a successful application. We assist you in defining the project and in integrating it into the strategy of your organisation, and by identifying the appropriate EU-funded programme.

We assist you in coordinating the work to write the proposal and in developing an appropriate management structure as well as an effective dissemination and exploitation strategy.

Setting up the consortium

InfoConsult's experts support you in planning the consortium. We assist you in identifying the most suitable partnerships and in bringing together relevant stakeholders. The content and structure of your bid need to be reflected in the consortium and in its organisational structure. Our staff can coordinate the content of the proposal and assist you in drafting the consortium agreement.

Positioning your project

Our team takes care of the fine tuning of the proposal, consistency checks, matching the administrative requirements and the submission of your bid. We also support you in establishing contacts with the responsible programme manager and assist you during the negotiation phase.

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